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what can a lawyer do for me ?

If I am injured in a car crash , what can a lawyer do for me?

An experienced Surrey personal injury lawyer will be able to gather important evidence and accident details and assemble them into a clear and concise argument for monetary recovery. Your car accident lawyer will quantify all the ways the accident has affected your life and seek an official amount of compensation from ICBC and any other insurance companies involved. Your lawyer is, most importantly, the guardian of your rights and a spokesperson for your interests.

What information do I need to bring an auto accident claim?

You will need to provide your lawyer with any and all details surrounding your car accident.

Names and phone numbers of witnesses, the careless driver, and any other vehicle owners or drivers involved
Date and time of the accident
Driving conditions
Information regarding medical treatment for your injuries.
Beyond these basics, there may be other contributing or environmental factors important in building your case.

Who will pay to fix my damaged vehicle?

If you were injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, you should have to pay nothing out of pocket, or in some cases only a deductible amount. ICBC should cover the repair cost of your vehicle from the careless driver’s and/or your own policy.